Online Colleges in South Carolina

South Carolina Connections Academy is a free public school. It’s a virtual school. We are part of the South Carolina public charter school district and we serve students from K-12 grade.

We have a range of students, from student athletes who need the flexibility of being able to go to practice during the day and do their schoolwork at night.

We have students who really need the extra support of both learning coach at home and the teachers online.
“I like how the schedule is not rigidly fixed. I can work more on some days and then less on other days, like if I have 4-H meetings.”

Online schooling has just been great for flexibility reasons with my jobs and different things that I’ve been able to do through having this school. We have a lot of performances with our band.

I try to stay a little ahead on school so it’s really flexible. Problems I hear from my friends in public schools about not having enough time, or distractions, or drama . I have none of that at South Carolina Connections Academy.

We also have students at South Carolina Connections Academy with medical conditions. Due to the portability of our program, these students are able to keep up with their school work regardless of where they’re located.

So really all students thrive at South Carolina Connections Academy. Each coming from different backgrounds, taking a personalized approach to ensure that they’re successful in our school. The curriculum that it offers…It’s a very strong curriculum and it challenges our students at all different levels, and I appreciate that. The school is fully accredited.

They offer a challenging curriculum that is personalized for my daughter.The teachers at South Carolina Connections Academy are amazing. They are very interactive with the students, always welcoming and they are so helpful to me as a learning coach.

I usually interact with my teachers through Live Lessons, where they’ll present on a topic that we’re working on or have a session just for fun. Sometimes we’ll exchange Webmails on topics or questions.

Our staff is composed of highly certified, qualified educators and I’ve never worked with a group of educators who are more dedicated to their students and we really work well together as the team to do what is in the student’s best interest.

The one-on-one time that the teacher has with the students is almost like having a tutor. A surprising answer that most people get is the fact that I actually have just as close of a relationship with my students as I did when I worked in a bricks-and-mortar public school.

And I see them at field trips, we talk, we have special conversations over the phone, they call me constantly, we Webmail back and forth, so we are always in contact.
I am an event coordinator for the lower Midlands region of South Carolina Connections Academy. And I set up field trips, which gives us ample opportunity to meet other families.

After I graduate high school, I want to go to Clemson University to be a vet. I was a 2012 graduate of Connections Academy and I’m currently enrolled at Winthrop University. Most graduating seniors they help them find scholarships, they help with dual enrollment .

I’ve just learned so much about myself and how I learn and now that I’m in college, I’ve been able to study and not have that big gap between high school to college and it’s just been great to be able to be myself and Connections Academy has definitely helped me learn a lot.

We all have the same goal to provide the best education possible for our students.

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